Covid-19: The last few years have been horrible would be an understatement– with all the Covid restrictions and the loss of so many lives. However, despite catching Covid in April 2022, I’m looking forward to the future with a new sense of optimism. I just need to make a full recovery now. This is my last day of testing negative and looking forward to seeing my baby daughter after a week of self-isolation.

Self-testing kit @ home.
Self-testing kit @ home.

Sense of silence


Nighthawks  When I first saw the Nighthawks painting a few days ago, I was taken aback by how Edward Hoppe managed to capture a sense of silence. This painting raises so many questions. What are these people doing so late into the night, do they know each other (e.g couples/friends or even strangers) etc.  The painting captures a feeling of loneliness and isolation that matches Hopper’s description of it as “literally an illustration of loneliness.” Edward Hoppe,  American, 1882–1967