Sense of silence


Nighthawks  When I first saw the Nighthawks painting a few days ago, I was taken aback by how Edward Hoppe managed to capture a sense of silence. This painting raises so many questions. What are these people doing so late into the night, do they know each other (e.g couples/friends or even strangers) etc.  The painting captures a feeling of loneliness and isolation that matches Hopper’s description of it as “literally an illustration of loneliness.” Edward Hoppe,  American, 1882–1967


Morning walks. Working from home from a small study can be isolating, but today I enjoyed watching the snow falling while preparing for online meetings.

Monday 8th February 2021 

Ephemeral Beauty

Fog park

Ephemeral Beauty. Today’s photo was sent by the young guest contributor (Jenny) during her early morning lockdown run.  It is remarkable how fog can transform a landscape into something magical!

Support physical store

Working from home. My decade-old office chair finally broke, which was not even comfortable. My decision to purchase the IKEA chair at that time, I suspect, was based on aesthetic and not comfort, a foolish decision in hindsight! Finding an office furniture supplier open during the third lockdown has been a nightmare – since most of them were closed.

Many of the online suppliers were running low on stock or did not have the chair in stock that met my requirements (i.e Inflatable lumbar support).

I was surprised to find open. After speaking t the owner of the shop he understood my requirements and sent a few pictures immediately. Despite passing the closing time the owner kept the shop open for me to collect the chair Truly, wonderful old fashion customer service – that the online world lacks!

Victoria Park

Drive-by. Today’s photos  were sent by a guest contributor from London Borough of Tower Hamlet (LBTH). Despite the lockdown, open public space like the Victoria Park remains important to the local residents. LBTH is one of the most densely populated inner city boroughs in London with many high rise buildings with a few private gardens. It’s a vital space for the residents during the lockdown. Let’s hope everyone visiting the park is keeping a safe distance.

Both photos were taken on Sunday 17th January.

Feeling nostalgic

telephone pole

Mass Communication. Feeling nostalgic seeing one of these phone poles. Once these poles were used to carry voice calls. Today it is used as vital infrastructure for the digital age, making it possible for millions of people to work from home during the lockdown. I suspect these will soon get replaced like the red phone box. Maybe it should get a listed status?